How do you sleep?

A few details to know:

How you wake up is your natural sleep style, not how you go to sleep.

One size does not fit all, which is why we custom fill the pillow to match your sleep style and physical size. We also monogram your pillow so you know which one was hand made made just for you!

It is important that you wash both your case and protector (we include a zippered washable protector with every pillow) so your pillow will retain its loft and comfort for 2-3 years.

Front/Stomach Sleeper | A stomach sleeper requires a very flat pillow so as to not bend the neck backwards all night, which can result in neck and shoulder pain. Soft is the best option! 

Back Sleeper | A back sleeper requires more support as the neck should be in line with the spine throughout the night. It's important to ensure that the chin is not tilted back or down, but straight, allowing for the perfect density. 

Side Sleeper | A side sleeper requires a firmer pillow as the space between your head and the mattress needs to be filled, all while keeping the head in line with the spine. The broader the shoulders, the firmer the pillow needed for maximum support and comfort, which is why The Pillow Bar custom-fills every pillow to fit the individual. The Side Sleeper Pillow's unique boomerang shape is an excellent choice for side sleeping comfort - and can't be found anywhere else!