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Pillow Petite Roll ‘N Go

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Fill Preference

  • Down
  • Down Alternative

Sleep Style

  • Side Sleeper (Firm)
  • Back Sleeper (Medium)
  • Front Sleeper (Soft)
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Designed with travel in mind, the Pillow Petite Roll ‘N Go (16in x 20in) with satin ribbon attached is half the size of a Standard Pillow and double the size of the Travel Boudoir. Use the attached satin ribbon to roll it up and secure it snuggly in your suit case or carry on bag. Unroll it, fluff it and it is ready to use.

Each pillow is hand made for you in Texas, USA. Includes a complimentary 300 thread count washable cotton sateen zippered protector and custom embroidery of your choice.

Down products are RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified and cleaned using BlueSign® Technology without any chemicals to harm you or the earth. They also include a removable organic French Lavender sachet for an aromatic sleep aid.

Dimensions and Care: 16 in x 20 in. View our Care Instructions.



Considered the most luxurious fill option available, our pure allergen-free European down provides maximum breathability for a cooler sleep.​

650 fill-power, pure Hungarian down that is never mixed with feathers.

No feathers = No allergens. It’s as simple as that.

Responsible Down Standard Certified and cleaned with Bluesign Technology® without chemicals to harm you or the earth.

Down is a natural fiber that provides a cooler sleep overall. Its thermoregulating properties allow your body to maintain its optimal internal temperature.

Down Alternative

For those who prefer a synthetic option, our proprietary down alternative blend is made of silky combed polyester fiber designed to emulate the loft and support of down at a more approachable price point.

Our Down Alternative is made of a proprietary blend of combed polyester fibers you won’t find anywhere else. 

Down Alternative is a manmade product designed to mimic down, but created from a combed polyester fiber guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. 

Our fill is silky and supportive without the unwanted lumps and bumps of  foam or other “alternative” materials.   

Ask the Experts

Every pillow is custom made by our team of trained experts in Dallas, Texas, and designed to match each person’s physical size and sleep style using only the highest quality materials.

The number of pillow choices available today is overwhelming, but you don’t have to be the expert, that’s what we’re here for.

Your sleep style is determined by your waking position—either front, back or side–not how you go to sleep. We consulted physicians to develop our patented approach to pillow making for optimal head and neck support in each of these three positions. If you’re a combination sleeper or not sure, we’ve got you covered–check out our Sleep Style Guide.

Yes! Here’s why: The Pillow Bar Down is the most pure European down available. It does not have quills or feathers like other companies’ “down.” Feathers contain allergens in the quill (among other things–we’ll spare you the details) but not to worry our pristine down is allergen-free. Down Alternative is made of a combed polyester fiber guaranteed to be hypo-allergenic.

The pillow is custom made for Y-O-U. Personalize your pillow with your name, initials or favorite dream-inspiring phrase to ensure you are sleeping on the correct pillow each night. Choose from 25 colors and a variety of font styles to make it unique. The best part? Embroidery is complimentary. Visit our Embroidery Guide for inspiration.

A pillow protector is the zippered, removable fitted cover that goes on the outside of the pillow insert. It is important that you wash both your pillow case and pillow protector regularly so your pillow will retain its loft and comfort for 2-3 years.

All pillows from The Pillow Bar come with a pillow insert (down or down alternative), a 100% cotton zippered outer pillow protector (and complimentary embroidery if chosen) and are packaged in our signature lavender canvas bag, perfect for gifting. Down pillows also include an aromatic lavender sachet–fun fact: the scent of lavender is proven to be calming and relaxing.

Everyone asks us this and we like to say: if you wore your favorite t-shirt every day for 8 hours a day for 2-3 years, no matter how well you take care of it, it’s time for a new shirt. That’s how we think of pillows! Depending on your use, after 2-3 years it’s time for a new pillow.

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 20 in
Fill Preference

Down, Down Alternative

Sleep Style

Side Sleeper (Firm), Back Sleeper (Medium), Front Sleeper (Soft)