Inspiring Dreams is what we do…

The story of The Pillow Bar is personal. Ten years ago, my husband had emergency back surgery that was life changing. The neurosurgeons and chiropractors urged me to get the very best in sleep comforts to make sure he would continue to walk.

Suddenly, sleep and bedding became a top priority in our lives. When I asked about the “best” pillows to buy for him, the neurosurgeons told me they had never found one! With their guidance, we embarked on a mission to create the best custom pillows to match each person’s physical size and sleep style. We quickly learned that one size does not fit all. In 2008, we broke the rules by inventing and patenting The Pillow Bar machine to make pillows one by one for each customer – truly luxury with a purpose™ – each one made in Texas.

Along the way, together with The Pillow Bar team, we designed other USA made luxuries for the bedroom, bath and travel to make each person’s space so luxurious and comfortable that they can be at their best every day and night whether at home or away.