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Our Down-Only Promise

The Only Thing We Put In Your Pillow

We don't do feathers. We only do down - European white down. Feathers are cheap filler for lower quality pillows.

Down floats, feathers fall. Down is 3D, feathers are only 2D. Down has loft, feathers are flat.

Feathers are a waterfowl's outer covering, and have a hard, spiky quill shaft. These are the things that slip out of the protector and stab you -- just about everyone has had that experience!

Feathers are relatively inexpensive. They are heavy and definitely do not offer the loft of down that cradles your head in luxury and comfort. Feathers form a firm and heavy base - a wonderful product for your sofa cushions, but not your head in our opinion! The hard tubular quill structure of the feather also works over time to break down the desireable loft of any down present which reduces the life of the pillow.

Down is the soft, fluffy cluster taken from the undercoating of geese or ducks. Down is many multiples more expensive than feathers because there is much less of it available. Feather is used as a “filler” - like bread crumbs in a casserole.

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Do recognize, however, that all down products contain some trace of feathers and fiber as the sorting and cleaning process is an inexact science. This is why the law will not allow anyone to claim "100% down" - check the label. We visited or interviewed many down providers and found one who could meet our outrageous standards for quality and cleanliness.

Down is the best for your pillow and we only do down - the best down.

Down-only Custom Pillows Hand-made one-at-a-time to meet your personal desires.

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