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Our very best-seller and multiple award winner! Unavailable anywhere else!

This uniquely shaped pillow was developed specifically for the side sleeper by Dr. Mary Collings, nationally renowned sports chiropractor. The very best research about sleep and sleep positions went into designing this unique 27 x 27 x 13.75" Side Sleeper pillow. Give this lofty boomerang a big hug and feel the typical tension in shoulders and neck side-sleepers experience slide away.

Our custom made down pillows are hand-crafted to match your unique sleep style at the time you order by real pillowmakers. All our custom down pillows include all these unique luxury features…

Hand-filled to match your specifications with triple washed, sterilized, pristine 650-fill power European white down as part of our Down-Only Promise,

Custom embroidery of a phrase or monogram in your choice of style and color,

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A 300-thread count, double-stitched, washable, zippered, 100% cotton sateen, white outer pillow protector with satin cording,

A hand-made sachet of soothing French lavender, and

beautiful gift wrapping.

Each of these luxuries has a purpose – to make our Peaceful Dreams™ pillow the best down pillow you can find. Read more about all our Features and all your Options. And please, compare us to the others.

Give yourself or someone special the gift of a good night’s sleep.

Any questions? Just ask the Down Diva.

Why does a custom pillow matter?
Because your pillow should match your unique sleep style, age and frame size - to cradle you in just the right way to keep your head in natural alignment with your spine.  After researching the science behind pillows and consulting with a chiropractor and a neurosurgeon we realized that the only way to ensure your pillow fits you was through custom crafting.  We make sure your pillow is not just a luxurious sleep accessory, but a luxury with a purpose.

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